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At Wayne’s Color Centre Carpet One Floor & Home, we are here to help you find your perfect backsplash. By updating your kitchen or bathroom backsplash, you are investing in your home and adding value, style, and luxury in one of the most efficient ways. We are here to help you design your ideal tile backsplash for any room, with experts who are knowledgeable in the world of tile. We even have in-house installers who are experienced when it comes to the installation of tiles in many applications.

Create a Custom Backsplash

With tile, it is nearly impossible to go through all the tile options without finding something you like. With the ability to mix and match tiles, styles, and mosaics, there are thousands of combinations to choose from. Backsplash tile in a kitchen or bathroom allows you to choose details like borders, accents, and grout lines that all contribute to the personalization of your spaces. Whether you are a trendy shopper or not sure what you’re looking for just yet, our experts can assist in the design of your backsplash to create a cohesive home look.

Durable Protection

Think about your kitchen. How often do grease and moisture end up in the air? How many spills or splatters do you have daily? Most homeowners deal with these issues regularly, and with tile backsplash, they are no longer a problem. Tile backsplash was initially used only for its functionality to keep walls protected. Today, tile combines functionality with style and protects your walls from the accidental disasters that can happen.

Easy Maintenance

Tile is easy to clean and keep clean. It is moisture and stain resistant and does not collect dust. Due to its hardness, tile can be wiped and scrubbed without having to worry about the possibility of destroying it. If tile does chip or crack, replacing tiles is a simple process and is not extremely expensive.

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