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Tips to Take Care of Your Carpet

Now that you have invested in a new carpet, it is important to ensure its longevity. We have provided you some tips and reasons why taking care of your carpet is so important, and provided links to more pages about carpet warranties provided through us as well as emergency cleaning tips!

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Your carpet flooring can make or break your room, as it tends to leave a lasting impression when you first walk in. Carpets work well in rooms that don't get a lot of moisture exposure, meaning playrooms and living rooms can all benefit from having a soft floor underfoot. Children can learn to walk without too much worry of falling, and adults can watch a movie on the floor of their den without feeling uncomfortable. Regular carpet maintenance can be difficult though, as it's easy to put off vacuuming or tending to that small stain in the corner. The problem with this though is that when you neglect your carpets, you can really damage the air quality and the lifespan of an often expensive investment. We'll give you some tips when it comes to taking care of your carpet. 


A Little More Action 

Vacuuming is crucial when it comes to caring for the fibers of your carpet. Even if you don't use the carpet very often, dust will settle in regardless and it's the attention you pay to it that will keep them from looking neglected. For a heavily used room, you'll likely want to make it a habit of vacuuming once a week or so for your best chance of keeping everyone's air quality in check. You can also use spot treatment for difficult areas that need additional care. For example, if your cat likes one specific area of the carpet, you may want to vacuum over it several times and then use spot treatment as a means to get the rest of the dander off the carpet. 


When It's Time for More 

You have a lot of power and choice in keeping your carpet clean, but sometimes you'll need a little extra help. Having a professional come in can ensure that your carpets stay like new. Always refer to your warranty, as well as the manufacturer’s guidelines when to having a professional clean your floors. Taking care of your carpet means using the resources you have, and a professional can often save you hundreds of dollars over time because you don't have to replace the carpet.



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