Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring can be overwhelming, allow us to break down some of the basics.

Types of Carpet

A carpet is a fantastic option for any lifestyle as there are many different types to choose from. Knowing what types of carpet are out there can make the selection process faster, easier, and more pleasant for you. There are two basic varieties of carpet that have different subsets within them.

The first basic variety of carpet is cut pile carpet. Carpet flooring is highly varied and within the cut pile family, there are several more specific varieties. Cut pile carpets are made of yarn that is cut along the edges. Velvet carpets have a soft touch and are made of non-heat set yarn. These are great for bedrooms.

Cable carpets are those that are informal looking and can give a very relaxed look. Shag carpets are those that have longer pile yarn. This was popular in the seventies and is still popular with those that want an informal look. There are also frieze carpets that are able to resist most matting because they are twisted at the surface to produce a curl. The last type to consider is Saxony, this is a tufted carpet that has been heat set and is therefore very durable.

The next group to consider is combination pile carpet. There are three different types within this option. The first is random shear; this is going to be a very heavy feeling carpet that features both cut and uncut loops that are different types. This is also perfect for bedrooms. Another type is level and cut loop pile. This option uses cut and looped piles for a unique feeling.

The last style to consider is tip shear. This is carpet that uses the same random shear pattern as random shear, but that cuts all the yarn to be the same length. This will give off a texture that is as easy to point out. 

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