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A trailblazer in the world of ceramic and porcelain tile, Florida Tile continues introducing new and unique tile and natural stone products, on the regular. Since its early inception in Lexington, Kentucky over six decades ago, Florida Tile has remained an American institution, known for its innovative manufacturing techniques and groundbreaking new products. Home and business owners from all walks of life continue to be charmed by this ever-expanding collection of sturdy, seriously unique decorative products.

Florida Tile

Offering consumers everything from intricate Italian mosaic glasswork to domestic-made, photorealistic porcelain tile, Florida Tile has paved the way for many new trends, appealing to all types of residential and commercial needs, uses, and style preferences. For those seeking décor improvements that will truly stand up to the toils of time and protect their walls from the elements, Florida Tile is a perfect option in a universe filled with so many tile choices.

At Wayne’s Color Centre Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re thrilled to offer an exciting collection of truly unique, colorful Florida Tile products in our Coos Bay showroom. Visit us soon and get acquainted with wonderful world of Florida Tile.

Why Florida Tile?

Contributing beauty that lasts and ongoing value, Florida Tile is also easy on our environment: many, many varieties of Florida Tile are naturally sourced. Florida Tile is always eye-catching, with its signature accent tiles, moldings, and other special features. Our goal is to accentuate your individuality, while protecting your walls from splashes, splatters, and climate fluctuations. Florida Tile is made to make a strong impression, even in your home’s quiet corners. It’s truly your secret weapon if your mission is to distinguish your space and create a one-of-a-kind accent wall.