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Hardwood Refinishing Services

Hardwood flooring brings beauty and adds value to your home. Hardwood floors come with different finishes on their surface, and not all finishes will wear the same. Over time the finish will wear off from frequent use, fade from exposure to sunlight, or other reasons related to wear and tear. There are also the cases when you remove old carpet and find a perfectly preserved hardwood floor underneath that just needs some touching up. Wayne’s Color Centre Carpet One Floor & Home in Coos Bay is here to help you with any hardwood refinishing projects.

Depending if you have solid or engineered hardwood in your home, whether you can even refinish the floor and how many times should be determined by a flooring professional.

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Types of Refinishing

Buffing is the easiest. If scratches and wear are only on the surface finish and the wood underneath is in good shape, you can restore the surface by buffing, also known as screening. A buffing tool is used and is much less forceful than a drum sander. Refinish your floors with either low-VOC water based finish or polyurethane floor finish.

Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors gives you the chance to completely restore old, damaged flooring. It also gives you the chance to change the color of your hardwood flooring with stain. After the floors have been sanded down to bare wood, fill any cracks with color-matched wood filler. Then the stain is applied and allowed to dry thoroughly before applying two to three coats of finish.

To learn more about our hardwood refinishing services, be sure to stop by our showroom or give us a call!

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