Laminate Flooring

Information on the durability of laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring: The Most Versatile Flooring Material Available?

When some homeowners think of laminate flooring, they tend to associate it with the tacky appearance of, say, the linoleum flooring in an old mobile home. The truth is that you might have walked across a beautiful laminate floor earlier today and remarked on how expensive all that hardwood must have been. Laminate is actually an incredibly versatile, durable, and attractive material to use in flooring, while being more affordable than many other materials, and requiring far less maintenance.

Laminate flooring is sort of a blank canvas. Because the material itself is so simple and malleable, it can be made to look like anything, and textured however you like. In the past, laminate flooring was just one big sheet of laminate. Today it's comprised of multiple layers, with the core layer providing most of the support for furniture and foot traffic, the base layer at the bottom giving enforcement against moisture and changes in temperature, and the top layer, or the decorative layer, providing the texture and appearance of any material you like.

The top layer can replicate stone, hardwood, sand, porcelain tiles, and a hundred other materials. In appearance and feel, it can be hard to tell the real thing from a laminate recreation. This, combined with the durability, low-maintenance and affordability of the material makes it one of the very best options as a general flooring solution for any home. Whether you want a hardwood appearance for a more homey, rustic atmosphere, tile for its classy, elegant look, or sand for a light, Summery style, laminate flooring can give you what you're after.

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